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Founding Angels

Gunter Festel has developed the FOUNDING ANGELS investment model and is investing as private person in high-tech research and development projects in the areas of energy, environment, health, materials and nutrition.


The well-known technology transfer gap between academic research at universities/research institutions and industrial application can be closed through start-ups, but there is a financing and operational gap in the early phases of the start-up process.





FOUNDING ANGELS found together with world-class scientists high-tech start-up companies to close these gaps and to successfully commercialise the results from academic research.


FOUNDING ANGELS  are engaged from a very early stage starting with business idea discussions long before the engagement of business angels and venture capital.


Besides initial funding in the (pre-) seed phase, FOUNDING ANGELS are operationally very much engaged bringing in their expertise from other successful start-up projects.


FOUNDING ANGELS are a part of the founding team acting less as investors and more as entrepreneurs with a long-term view like the other founders.


FOUNDING ANGELS support the build-up of the start-up and are engaged in the company up to a successful exit (sale to another company)


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